Just pre-ordered this cookbook: Jon Bonnell's Waters: Fine Coastal Cuisine. It's by a local chef, who owns our favorite restaurant (Bonnell's Fine Texas Cuisine) and a new seafood restaurant, Waters, which the recipes here come from.

He's the one I've talked about before who will happily email you any recipe of his if you ask which, I have to say, ended up making us buy his other two cookbooks because we wanted to support that sort of thing.

At any rate, the description of the book on the Amazon page specifically mentions the lobster mac & cheese recipe that we had at Waters that Toby loves and which I didn't hate.* I believe the email conversation went something like: "Shall I pre-order?" "You have to ask?" "It'll arrive on the doorstep in March."

* I am a simple woman, and pretty much hate mac & cheese except for the bright orange stuff in a box, which is a comfort food. I believe it was eating the gross white goopy crap called mac & cheese in school cafeterias that did me in for anything other than the box.

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