Sora update

Still sneezing. Still antisocial (somewhat), not wanting to be petted, but he did come and sleep on our bed last night, and ate breakfast this morning.

Last night after I posted, he got up from my office and came into the media room, where Nefer and I were sitting on the couch. He sat on the back of the couch for a while, but didn't want me sticking my phone in his face to take a picture:

He batted my hand every time I held the camera up. XD

"No photos, please."

He didn't want to come sit on my chest, like he usually does this time of the evening, but was feeling feisty enough to be a bit of a jerk and wedged himself between Nefer and my leg:

I figure when he stops being a jerk, that's when we have to worry that he's really sick.

Nefer has sensed that something is off and is being extra-needy herself. Before she came into the media room with me, when Sora was on the chair in my office, I heard her doing her yowl that means "I have something, come pay attention to me!" moving from one room to another. I got up to check on her, and she was sitting on the floor in the office, with a sparkle ball on the floor that she'd brought in there from the living room. And after we went to bed, she called for us again, this time with the ball in the media room, and this morning, the sparkle ball was in the bedroom.

Life with cats.

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