Augh, Sora!

Sora scared the fool out of us this weekend. The story does have a happy ending, as shown by the photo under the cut of him snoozing on my chest and purring madly as I was at the computer yesterday afternoon.

So. Last week he had a cold. No idea if that's related. Tuesday the cats went to the vet for their usual checkup. While they detected a heart murmur, blood tests found nothing, so it's probably due to his normal terror of the vet and the tranq we had him on.

Friday morning, however, he didn't want to get off of his kitty bed on our bed (the cats have microwaveable heating pads stuck under cat bed on our bed at night during the winter, otherwise they glue themselves to me). Normally, he gets up slightly before we do (and tries to wake me up), or at the same time as we do, and then commences demanding breakfast. He would happily let me scratch his head, but wasn't getting up.

Toby texted me later in the day to say that Sora spent part of the day on the bed, and then opened the door to the closet in the spare bedroom and hid behind the dining table leaf that we store in there for a few more hours. And, more importantly, hadn't been seen to come out to eat or drink anything, hadn't used the litter box, and refused a Pill Pocket, which is one of his favorite treats in the world.

Toby was stuck in a call for work, so I called the vet and described the symptoms. The tech talked to the vet, then called me back and said it sounded like he might be nauseated. So I took off work and drove to the vet to pick up a ($20--buddy's expensive!) pill for him.

I got home, and he was still in the closet. He still refused a Pill Pocket, although he kept smelling it and lickig his lips, but not eating it. When I refused to quit bugging him, he escaped and went into the master bedroom closet. We had to haul him out to feed him the pill, which scared him so much he peed all over the floor (and judging by the amount of pee, he hadn't gone to the litterbox in quite a long time!).

We let him alone for a while. A few hours later, I tried to tempt him with wet food. He was interested in the smell, but didn't really seem like he wanted to eat it. I finally got some catnip, in the hopes that he might get stoned enough to forget he didn't want to eat, or let me get close enough to smear food on his fur (he was still grooming--I caught him cleaning his tail after the little, er, incident in the closet). He wasn't as interested in it as he usually is, but he let me get close enough to smear food on his paw, and after I dropped some on the floor, he started eating it. So I sprinkled catnip on the small plate of food I gave him, and he ate some more of that. I gave him more, at which point Nefer came over and Toby walked into the room, and that scared him off. So I left the plate on the floor right there, and went to bed.

[As an aside, for those of you who don't have cats: not eating for a day or two can do bad things to their liver. Hence my worry.]

Saturday morning, I fed the cats their wet food as usual. The food I'd given Sora the night before had been mostly eaten, and Sora ate a bit in the morning. So that all seemed good, but during the day he got worse, pretty much back to the way he'd been on Friday. Saturday night, I attempted to feed him the same way, and while he did eat a little bit that had fallen on the carpet, he wasn't too interested in the plate, which I left out overnight in the living room again. Part of that evening, he came and sat near me on the couch, but didn't want to be petted or to sit on me.

Sunday morning, nothing had been touched on the plate, as far as I could tell. When I fed the cats in the morning, Sora came out and acted interested in the plates, and sniffed them, but didn't eat anything. He then hid himself away for the morning and the early afternoon.

It was about the time I was sitting in my office on the computer contemplating getting Toby to help me pill him again, when he walked in, licking his lips the way he does after eating. He then came over to the chair, jumped up on the back, climbed down to my chest, curled up, and started purring like mad.

Yay! Over the afternoon, he came and sat on me two more times, and in the evening he tried to sit on me while I was eating dinner. Here is a photo of him sulking, partly because I think he's not 100% and partly because I wouldn't let him sit on me. LOOK AT THOSE BIG WOOBIE EYES!

He slept on our bed overnight, and attempted to sit on me in the wee hours of the morning, as per usual, and ate with gusto this morning when Toby fed the cats.

No idea what was wrong. I can only assume that maybe he picked a bug up during the vet visit.

Throughout all of this, Nefer was totally healthy, although slightly weirded out by Sora's behaviour and everyone's tension. She slept next to my head on Friday and Saturday nights, when she usually sleeps at the foot of the bed. But Sunday night she slept at the foot...although we had that cold snap come through, so I can't say for sure that she wasn't after the heating pad!

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