Posting has been extra-slow around here as we were down in Houston for a few days and Toby has this totally irrational desire not to publicize on the intartubes that our house is empty. :D

It wasn't anything major: he went down to the main office of his company for a few days to work face-to-face for a change, since the other remote worker was going to be in town at the time. I went with him to (a) see friends in the area we hadn't seen in a while and (b) visit family in the area. We took his laptop and I logged in to work remotely from the hotel, and I'm not sure that anyone at work even realized I was gone. (Well, except for my boss, since I arranged it with him!)

Other than that, really, not much is happening. Our DVR's broken in some mysterious fashion, so now we have to get that replaced before Game of Thrones starts airing. (Well, we could use HBOGO to watch them, but IT'S NOT THE SAME.) Also, we have to remember to subscribe to HBO. U-Verse always runs a special for 3 months of HBO free with no penalty for cancelling before the 3 months are up when GoT starts airing, on the basis that you'll enjoy watching HBO so much you'll continue to subscribe, and thus we've never paid for HBO during our GoT-watching. We shall probably also be giving True Detective a try, as we've heard good things about it.

I shall now stop writing before this gets even more boring.

ETA: Wait! We went to Kata Robata in Houston, a slightly upscale Japanese restaurant, and OMG FANTASTIC. The standout, among excellent food, was the 72 Hours Slow-Cooked Texas Kobe Beef Skewer, which just melted in the mouth. I suspect it was not real "Kobe," just Wagyu, the breed that Kobe beef is created from, because I am under the impression that Kobe is not legally sold outside of Japan, plus it was too cheap to be real Kobe. :D (IIRC, the amount of beef on the skewers would have cost closest to $100-150 if it were "real" Kobe.) But it does make me wonder what true Kobe beef would have been like if it were cooked like this: perhaps it would evaporate as soon as it hit your tongue, leaving behind a rich beef essence.

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