I'm taking a class after work today,* and right now, at almost 9:30 AM, I'm already exhausted and sleepy. No clue how I'll last through the 6:30-9:30 class. I started up the Body by You workout program, which is a bodyweight exercise program. It doesn't take very long, only about 20 minutes, which is really about my attention span these days, but at my current lousy level of conditioning, it does plenty. I'm sticking to Monday-Wednesday-Friday, because the last time I started a program, it was "do it 2 or 3 times a week," without specifying any particular day, and it was too damn easy to just say "I'll do it tomorrow."

Plus, the 20-minute-long thing is good. :D

Anyway, what this has to do with the class is that I got up and did the routine while Toby was in the shower, which has wrung me out. I read people here and there who claim that working out in the morning gets them energized for the rest of the day, and that has never, not once, happened for me. I'm always tired and slightly wobbly for the rest of the day. Is that one of the things that happen once you're already in shape, or is it just that it works for some people and not others?

* On making voiceovers, which does seem a bit odd, except that I'm actually wanting to learn the technical stuff behind podcasting, which requires some sort of content, and as I can't come up with both a subject and other people to make one, I'm planning on resorting to recording myself reading out-of-copyright ghost stories,** and I'm a bit leery of my ability to do that. So when this class popped up in the extended education department of the university I work for, it seemed reasonable enough.***

** Plenty on Project Gutenberg and other places!

***I won't guarantee that this podcast will actually happen, but hey.

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