Flight Rising open registration coming up!

If you want to breed (and bling out, and fight) fictional dragons, Flight Rising is going to open up registration for April 14th (5AM server time, which is Pacific Standard Time [-7GMT?]) for 24 hours.

I am PecanOwl over there--because I have no idea why I didn't want to be telophase and there was a bag of pecans and a timer shaped like an owl on my desk when I made the account--and this is Maura, my clan matriarch, a Guardian:

Aristotle here is one of my newest dragons, a Coatl:

Camael is one of my more spectacular dragons. He's an Imperial and yes, he is wearing a fez. Fezzes are cool.

I have two nests starting (Spirals, Guardians, and Pearlcatchers) so I can give hatchlings away to people I know! Just let me know when you join. :D

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