We went and saw Winter Soldier again last night, and the thing that bugged me the most was the makeup on Chris Evans. Cap wasn't allowed to have any real texture on his face, his lips were a bit too pink, and they used foundation (and probably post-processing) that practically glowed--in a couple of scenes he was this close to being a Cullen. I can sort of see the reasoning behind that--he's a man out of time, and also the moral center of the film, so they want him to be a bit ethereal and unworldly, but GAH.

I was also almost convinced he was wearing false eyelashes at one point, but taking a look at a regular head shot of him, Evans seems to be naturally blessed with long lashes. It must have been the mascara stiffening them and making them seem a bit weird.

P.S. Plz to be pointing me towards fic with movie-Bucky/Winter Soldier in them kthxbai. Also any Steve & Natasha road trip fic because that would be AWESOME

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