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A friend of ours came over on Saturday for a while and brought some boardgames. One of the ones we played was Channel A: The Anime Pitch Party Game.

The basic gameplay is broadly similar to Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity, in which you have one person--whose role gets passed to the next person with each new turn--who draws cards and asks for something using those cards, and the rest of the players attempt to supply it using cards that they've drawn, but this one has a creative twist to it. The players are anime producers pitching series to a studio exec. The exec draws 5 cards with concepts related to anime on them, like "science fiction," "crossdressing," "military," "samurai," etc., and picks 2 of them. The exec than asks the producers to pitch a series that fits the criteria on both of the cards. The producers have a hand of 10 cards, each with a different word on it from various anime titles--"alchemist," "pretty," "ninja," "V," "120%," etc. They combine 1-4 of the cards to create a full title for their series, then have to pitch the series to the exec. The exec then picks the producer they think fit best, and the turn passes to the next exec.

One of the times I was the exec, I threw down the challenge "Samurai" and "Versailles," explaining that the network needed a new historical series. And during the final turn I was a producer and won. The exec asked for "Crossdressing" and "Science Fiction Epic." I tossed down 4 title cards that combined into "RV Space Corps" and started "Picture Priscilla, Queen of the Desert...in SPACE."

There's a similar game called Snake Oil, in which you play snake oil salesmen pitching weird products to someone. I've seen it played, but never played it myself.

We also played Mystery of the Abbey, which is essentially Clue with more complex rules. There has been a murder at a medieval abbey. You play investigators trying to figure out who, of the monks present, dunnit. You gather clues from your fellow players and eliminate monks based on various criteria, and deal with attending Mass every four rounds and various other events that take place as you draw cards.

There is one card which, when played, requires everyone to speak only in plainsong until that section of the game is over. None of the three of us could sing, which made it...interesting. And I know that enough of you on the f-list do that sort of thing that were you playing the game, you'd probably already be using plainsong if you got that card. :)

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