HDR pics

If you're unaware of it, HDR (high dynamic range, I think) photographs are pics in which you take two exposures of a scene, one so that the darkest areas of the scene are exposed correctly, and one so that the lightest areas of the scene are exposed correctly, and then stitch them together in a program or app of some sort. Often the results are also super-saturated, and many people think that the effect is way overdone.

I don't care what they think. :D I have also just bought an app for my phone that does all the work for me.

Neither of these is a terribly interesting photo, really, but hey.

This first one is what you can do with it--the gas station in the foreground is exposed more-or-less correctly, and the sun in the background isn't blowing out the sky, and you can see the cloud that helpfully drifted right in front of the sun at the time.

Now here's one that shows what happens when you're in a moving car and press the button, so that it takes 2 photos, each at a slightly different angle, and then melds them together (and after I hit the vibrance and saturation in Photoshop to unrealistic levels because it was rather grey otherwise):

You end up with mystical fog appearing in the background! A nifty discovery. :D

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