The Alamo Drafthouse is an awesome movie theatre if you haven't heard me talk about it before or haven't run across it. They're a dinner theatre, and actively enforce a no-talking, no-texting policy. If you haven't seen the PSA video they made of a voicemail that an angry woman left complaining that she was kicked out for texting, you should experience it. (The kicker is that you do indeed get one warning, so to be kicked out she had to continue texting after being warned.)

Anyway, the Austin Drafthouses implemented a reserved-seating policy back in 2012, and I came across the announcement on their site. The butthurt comments from people (that boil down to "I don't like change!") are hilarious. I especially like one long comment, during the course of which the person complains that they don't want to reserve a seat and possibly have to sit next to someone they don't want to sit next to.

Um. Like you do when you buy a ticket at the theatre and walk in and pick a seat and someone sits next to you?

Anyway, if you like reading about people complaining that they can't walk into the theatre and grab a good seat right before the show starts anymore because the seats will have all been bought up by people who reserved the seats online, go for it!

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