I am in the market for new coding music! This is the stuff I put on while I am at my desk and need to focus on coding or designing websites. I have trained myself fairly well so that it really does help me focus.

HOWEVER. I have (a) special snowflake reqs for this sort of music and (b) have been listening to my current playlist for a big chunk of a decade, and so it's compeltely familiar to me and I need more. :)

SNOWFLAKE #1: Not complex musically, so I don't get involved in the music.

SNOWFLAKE #2: Unintelligible (to me) lyrics, so that I don't either get into them or get distracted by how banal they are. Occasional English words are fine.

SNOWFLAKE #3: No serious hard-driving beat that will take me out of the coding moment and get me into the music. Plenty of coders use house music or heavy metal or something like that. That either annoys me or gets me thinking about the music and the stories it makes in my head: not a good thing when I'm trying to do work.

SNOWFLAKE #4: Purchasable via iTunes or as a reasonably-priced non-bootleg CD that I can rip, as it needs to go on my phone's Coding Music playlist for playing (i.e., nothing available only via YouTube, as messing about with videos on my computer will distract the hell out of me when I'm trying to code.)

SNOWFLAKE #5: Lower voices lull me into not paying attention. In the field, this means male voices or women's voices with a really low register. High voices draw my attention, and this is not good for coding music when it needs to actively not draw my attention.

Basically, banal background music whose purpose is to enhance whatever's going on and not be the focus of attention. What this really means is that Japanese boy-band music is actually the perfect type of music for my Coding Music playlist. I have been listening to the musical opus of Weiss Kreuz for most of a decade now and I'm thoroughly bored with it. This is a YouTube playlist of Weiss Kreuz songs that will give you an idea of what I'm looking for. Basically: I want MORE OF THAT SORT OF THING. Doesn't necessarily have to be Japanese, but people/groups that produce mostly non-English vocals are what I'm aiming for.

And now I am going to close down the tabs with my email and Dreamwidth accounts open in them and turn on WK so I can attempt to focus on my work today. Will reply when I can. (and this is why I'm not exploring Related Music on YouTube WK videos for more, because I will go down that rabbit-hole FOR HOURS and my ADHD has been very, very bad lately.)

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