Parking lot woes

I left campus for lunch, and almost didn't get out of my lot. See, one end is blocked off because they're building a large crane for the next phase of construction on the library and are swinging heavy equipment around on chains.

And it seems a Dr. Pepper truck tried to take a nonexistent exit at the other end (the path through the lot is an S-shape, and he was at the wrong bend of the S) and got his truck hung up on the curb. To make matters worse, someone got to campus late, found no spaces left in this lot, and parked illegally, next to the end of the row of spaces, so there was only a very tiny space in between the Dr Pepper truck and his bumper. The truck driver helped me squeeze my car between them, but I think I may have been the last person out of that side of the lot. :)

I took a photo, of course!

The black car is the illegally parked one (as evidenced by the lack of white lines around the car!). As I came in from lunch, I ended up parking in the next lot over as they've got the lot completely blocked off with a wrecker trying to pull the Dr Pepper truck off the curb. There were a number of people lined up in the parking lot waiting to leave, but I think it may be a while for them.

While I was taking the pic, the driver was trying to gun the truck, but that rear wheel wasn't touching the ground.

I'm not having a particularly bad day, but I know someone who's have a way, way worse one!

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