Elephant bird!

Well, not really. But it sounded like one. Toby and I were on our evening walk around the neighborhood when we heard a sound like a human trying to make the sound of an elephant, and a large-ish bird swooped behind us. By large-ish, it was larger than a finch, but smaller than, say, an owl. Maybe jay-size or thereabouts? It was too dark to see anything else, though!

Also, all the mockingbirds were out, and chasing each other. (I don't know if the elephant bird was a mockingbird, but if so, wow.) Near the beginning of the walk, I called up the mockingbird songs page on allaboutbirds.org and played the sound file at one mockingbird. At times it seemed to be copying the recorded call and then elaborating on it. I don't know if it truly was or if I'm putting patterns where they don't belong, but it was still fun.

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Tags: birds
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