Master bedroom

We rearranged the master bedroom this weekend. The way the house is set up, the master opens off of a very short hall that's right off the living room, and the way it was set up before, you could see the bed from the living room so it didn't feel very private, especially when we had friends over. By moving the bed over to the far wall, the sight line is now blocked and it feels nicer.

There was also the problem of all the exercise equipment. Experts on sleep claim you shouldn't,t have that sort of thing in the bedroom, but experts can go jump off a cliff because there isn't anywhere else to put it.

So here it is, in all it's COMPLETELY BLANK-WALLED GLORY. No pictures up on the walls at the moment. We used to have one nice wide one up on the wall the headboard is now against, but took it down because it was HEAVY and we were terrified it would fall down on our heads and do severe damage one night. It'll be put up on the opposite wall eventually.

See that coffee table? I bet you didn't realize that it was ACTUALLY a weight bench with a tray on it! It's the little tricks that make a room!

In all seriousness that bench was a bear to figure out what to do with, but once I realized that it could pull double duty as a place to hold your drink while you sat and read on the chaise, if you didn't care that it was a weight bench, then it could go there.

Here's that wall, standing back a bit so you can see the exercise bikes crammed into the corner. It's easy enough to shove the chaise out of the way and pull the shorter bike out a bit when we want to use them--we had to pretty much do that before. The TV cart on the left edge also holds exercise equipment, and can be rolled around the room as we want it. We've got to string cable in from the closet if we want to watch the DVR, even though it's technically accessible via wireless, but we found the streaming wan,t very good via wireless. There's a cable outlet for a wall-mounted TV on another wall, but the people who built the house just strung cable across the attic for it, and it's not tied into the same system the DVR is, I think. Plus, any TV small enough to mount safely up there on a movable mount is too small to read subtitles on.

The cardboard box is not permanent. :) My bedside table came in it. I think I want to get a folding screen to prop up there, partly to hide the bikes a bit and partly to get a vertical element on that side of the room, since everything is less than 5 feet tall over there. We just cant' get one with shoji or wicker in it because the cats will sharpen their claws on it, as I found out with my nice shoji screen some years back.

Standing at the entrance, looking towards the far corner. The wall to the right is the wall the headboard was against prior to this weekend.

Looking towards my side of the bed. That's the wall that our picture used to be on, until we decided we'd rather not live in fear of sudden death. The gray table we bought tonight, and Toby put it together with a minimum amount of cursing. When the bed was against the other wall, we were using the slanted bookcase you can see as a side table, but it was annoying because the side of the case cut off part of the light from the lamp. And that lamp. It's butt-ugly, but it's one of those alarms that gradually brightens up over the course of half an hour to simulate waking up to a dawn. It's much nicer than being shocked awake by a radio, I find.

And finally the wall with the bathroom door. That double door is a bitch: Sora can open it easily, and it makes too much noise opening and closing in the middle of the night so you have to leave the door a bit open if you go in there while the other person is sleeping. I think the floor space saved by having two half-size doors instead of one full-width door is not worth it.

The giant lump in the middle of the bed is the Alps. That's a body pillow I snuggle against because if I'm on my side, my arm sort of collapses my chest in a bit and makes it a bit difficult to breathe. Also, I am a furnace in the middle of the night, so no snuggling close to Toby. :)

The towels wrapped around the bed legs prevent stubbed toes. One of our To Do list items is to get some dark colored foam pipe insulation to replace the towels so it's not as obvious as it is now. :)

So there it is, beginning to take shape after 2 years. We've got to grab our collection of artworks that don't yet have a home and work out what should go on the wall and in what arrangement. Not an award-winning room, but it'll do!

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