Hit my head on the car door frame as I was getting in. :P Not hard enough to lose consciousness or anything like that, but it's probably gong to bruise, and I can still feel the shock in my head and neck (like I can feel it in my foot and ankle for the rest of the day when I stub my toe). I'm mostly concerned that it might trigger a migraine, as I've don that before.

Oddly, I've also cured a migraine by whacking myself on the head...although I think I hit my head much harder on a much more pointy thing that time. That was a corner of a ceiling-mounted TV monitor on a bus in Mexico, when I was getting back into my seat after seeing pyramids at Tulum. I had a raging migraine due to the heat and humidity, and that went away, to be replaced by the ouchiness of the immediate head injury. Which was preferable, to be honest, although I do not recommend making a habit of trying to cure migraines by whacking yourself on the head.

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