Found via Metafilter: This is what passed for TV entertainment in 1978. Donny and Marie singing an inexplicably peppy cover of Steely Dan's "Reelin' In the Years" on their show, accompanied by singing ice skaters. I could not make it more than halfway through the video before the smiling, happy people singing about a bitter breakup got to me and I had to leave.

I (vaguely) remember being a kid in the late 1970s and at the time, Donny and Marie were cool. But that was before I grasped the concept of TV schedules*, so I never knew what night or time the show was on, and relied on the old concept of turning on the TV and just hoping that the thing I wanted to see was airing, which means that I saw maybe two episodes of Donny and Marie during the time it was on.

* It was something that came late to me. I blame living in Africa without TV for that.

ETA: Head over to the Metafilter comment thread for other clips including one from The Lawrence Welk Show where Gale & Dale sang "One Toke Over the Line" which leads one to wonder how on earth they didn't realize (or figured their audience wouldn't realize) what it was about...they didn't even change it to "one toe over the line," which I'd think would be de rigueur for The Lawrence Welk Show.

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