boom boom bird at the door

Being on the edge of the city, there's a few suburbs nearby and at least 2 of them, perhaps 3, are putting on their fireworks displays right now. Toby and I wandered out to the end of the street to see if we could see them--that's why we're not sure if it's 2 or 3, as we saw 3 distinct spots where fireworks were going up, but weren't sure if the 2 closer to each other were the same display or different displays.

Anyway, on our way back, Toby spotted a little shadow huddling at the foot of our front door and turned his flashlight on it. It's a little bird (a finch?) that's not too happy about something, and we're assuming it's the fireworks. We carefully opened the door, slipped inside, shut it, and turned off the porch light so it could huddle in peace.

But, naturally, not before getting a picture!

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Tags: state of camp telophase
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