Wordpress guys?

I'm using the Magazine Basic theme for this year's iteration of the ConDFW website, and there's one thing I'd like to do: have the sticky post and the first post beneath that on the home page supply the full content of that post, and the rest of them supply just excerpts. I figure I ought to be able to do this with an if...then statement, but (a) I don't know what I'm counting and (b) I don't know which file to put it in. (I think the answer to the latter is content.php, but given that you can change all the posts to excerpts or full-content from the admin area, I don't see where that plugs into content.php...)

Any ideas?

edit: I've answered (a), I think, by putting my own counter right before The Loop, and incrementing it right before The Loop loops, but (b) still eludes me, as editing content.php did absolutely nothing. Bah.

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Tags: condfw, wordpress
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