So my subconscious created a cake last night in a dream. It was on the order of the three-layer stacked cake from Momofuku Milk Bar's cookbook, that I talked about earlier.

The cake base was made of plain yellow or white cake. The first filling was a bit spicy, something like a jalapeño jelly (jam for you non USAians). The first crunch layer was chopped pecans. Then another round of cake, and a non-spicy filling that was, I think, a plain buttercream (to allow people who didn't want spicy to eat it), then the third round, topped with chocolate ganache and pecan halves, with a little pile of jalapeno jelly piled in the middle. Although in the dream, I was describing the spicy filling as "like that stuff you get on the table in Chinese restaurants" and when I woke up I realized I was picturing a cross between sweet and sour sauce and Thai dipping sauces made of vinegar and sugar.

In the plain light of day I can see that I forgot the soak, which is a flavored liquid dabbed onto the cake to moisten it and add flavor.

So I told Toby this, and he said that it actually sounded good, if it weren't too spicy. :) I can see that I'd have to make a few modifications. I'd toast the pecans, for one and thinking about it, pineapple and jalapeno make pretty durn good paletas, so I'd consider adding a pineapple-juice soak. I think maybe I'd replace the buttercream with a dulce de leche-based filling, to fit with the vaguely Tex-Mex theme.


And now I want caaaaaaaake.

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