Aaaand my second Parallels offering!

This was supposed to be uploaded before the reveal as a treat but I didn't get it done until just now.

Done for [personal profile] fluffybun in Parallels 2014. AO3 version here. The character is Akari, from the manga and anime Aria, which is set on Mars, in Neo-Venezia, which is a city that has been constructed as an exact copy of Venice. It's got almost the same sort of feel as Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou, and it's mostly about Akari, as a novice tour guide, exploring the ins and outs of her new home and the delight that she feels at it all.

Created by bodging together a number of photos from a stock art site I belong to plus Flickr's Creative Commons to create Akari's figure, then tracing it on a lightboard and changing the hair and clothing to somewhat resemble Akari. It was originally going to be a much more realistic painting, which is why her face is much less manga-y than the original, but I couldn't get the coloring on her hair and clothing right and junked it all for cel shading in a fit of rage. Scanned in, linework then done in Manga Studio, and coloring/shading done in Photoshop.

Credit also goes to [personal profile] rachelmanija for allowing me to use one of her photos of Venice as ref for the background, and if I hadn't been so frustrated by the whole thing, I'd have done a better job with it. :)

There's lots of little mistakes that I can see, but I am toooo damn tired of looking at it to fix them right now.

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