So you know that thing that cats do? The one where you're sitting on a couch or something and they come sit on the cushion behind you, and then they flop their tail and their tail hits you in the head, and they don't like it so they start flopping their tail even harder so they end up thrashing you in the head and you're all WTF CAT I WAS HERE FIRST and HEY DON'T BLAME ME FOR MY HEAD BEING IN THE WAY and YOU BROUGHT THIS ON YOURSELF and the only response they have is to thrash their tail even harder?

Well, cats do it to each other, too.

Nefer had been sitting here for HOURS before Sora showed up and sat next to her, then started bashing his tail into her face because it was in the way. I will never know how this impasse would have ended, however, because Toby arrive home right after I took this photo, and the sound of the garage door going up put both cats on High Alert so they forgot about their little drama in case it was a cat-getter arriving instead of Toby.

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Tags: cats are weird, kittyspam
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