Two pictures

Remember how Sora feels about the white fluffy carpet in my office? (If you don't: he hates it and does his best not to step on it.) It's not just that carpet--he doesn't like our brown bathmats, either. We recently got a cat mat, which has two different surface textures and a ball attached to it. He's adopted the mat as his own, but...

Oh, Sora.

Also, our first harvest!

It's firm-but-getting-squishy on the bottom, plus it's an heirloom variety and I gether you're supposed to harvest those before they're 100% deep red. This is its good side: it's got 2 deep splits where it grew faster than its skin. :D Cannot wait to taste it!

We also ahve 2 other tomatoes currently on the plant. Given how much we spent on the setup of the gardening-for-dummies kit and the bricks and soil for it, we estimate that these 3 tomatoes are worth about $50 each.

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