Zoom and macro

Two photos I took this weekend with the same lens.

A heron on the other side of the (small) lake that my in-laws' house is on. It's blurry because the light was fairly low and it was far away and close in tone to the water--the camera reeeeally wanted to focus on those white deck chairs. I've got some better pictures of it and a great egret* from the next day, but they're still on my iPad and I need to dump them to the computer.

Invading the privacy of some lovebugs to test the macro capabilities of the lens. For those of you who have never had the, erm, pleasure of experiencing lovebug season: well, now you know why they're called lovebugs. Now picture a billion of these pairs hovering over the road and how much you have to wipe off your windshield after you drive anywhere.

* That's its name, not a judgement. Although I have to say it certainly looks like it might be a great great egret.

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Tags: birds
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