Didn't bring my lunch today because I had to drop by the post office at lunch to mail a couple of packages, so I hit a local restaurant. The booth next to the one I was sitting in contained two young women and an older one, and one of the young women had quite a few opinions and would occasionally raise her voice loud enough for me to hear.

One of her opinions was that she wished a friend of hers would stop hanging around his no-good friends, who didn't even have jobs! And the examples she gave of these no-good friends were Tyler, who works in the movie industry and makes, like, ten dollars an hours! No, wait, she thought it might have been closer to twelve dollars, which is what she makes! And one of the others was an engineer who lost his job some time back and still wasn't working, even though they were about to lose their house! And then there was the third guy, who was a nanny, and they had three kids!

Hm. From my point of view, it looks like Tyler and the nanny actually have jobs, and perhaps the engineer's problem is not that he doesn't want a job. (And what would she have thought if he'd gotten a job paying only ten dollars an hour to save the house! The horror!)

Luckily, between a couple more tables being seated near us and her quieting down a little bit more, her voice was drowned out after that so I didn't have to hear any more of what she said.

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