So what is THIS???

That's right! A blurry photo of a lunar eclipse! Pretty good for not having a tripod and having to steady my camera against the side of the house, if I do say so myself.

And it's a bit misleading as to what we could see with our eyes at the time. What we saw was a bit more like this:

Only even a bit lighter and, y'know, in focus and all that.

That was taken at about 10 minutes before totality. We weren't going to wake up specially to see the eclipse, but I woke up at 4:45 and couldn't get back to sleep, so at that point I figured I might as well go look. Toby was more-or-less awake, too, so we both went outside and watched it for about 15 minutes, then came back in and logged into work since we are now both WIDE AWAKE. (My plan is to work until I fall asleep, go take a nap, then go into work for the rest of the day.)

Anyway: fuzzy moon pictures!

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