cough sneeze hack

Still sick. Got better sleep last night, perhaps because I decamped to the spare bedroom so I wasn't worrying about keeping Toby up. (Toby pointed out that he'd slept like a log the two previous nights, so I didn't need to move on his account, but my worry was one of the factors in keeping me awake, I think, so I moved anyway.)

It's now settled in my sinuses so my face hurts, and my teeth hurt with referred pain, which is driving me nuts because it makes me want to floss them, but I know that'll just add to the pain. Bah.

Yesterday I ended up not watching anything on Netflix because when I woke up I had an email from Amazon informing me that a pre-ordered book, Robin LeFevers' _Mortal Heart_, had dropped, so I spent the day switching between the iPad's Sims game and that. The book had a few problems, but given that if I'd found this book during my teen years it would have hit every single one of my OH MY GOD THIS BOOK IS AWESOME buttons, I am totally forgiving every last one of them.

Today's plan is to sit around moaning in pain at my sinuses and play the iPad Sims when that gets boring.

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