Someone on Metafilter pointed out this site which passes text through multiple online translators (like we all used to do with Babelfish back in the day!), resulting in an amusing game of Telephone, and I thought I'd post a quiz using more-or-less famous quotations. Enjoy!

(Length because it accepts up to 250 characters)

1) "If human activity should be one people to dissolve the political attitudes of other people have access to a world of equality between the government, the legal nature of the..."

2) "My good friends, this is the first time ever, comes back from Germany to Downing street peace and dignity : I believe that the world currently."

3) "I want to remember, lady, generous and rich ancestors. You can't put that power to their husbands. We should not forget that all men are tyrants, when they could."

4) "In simple fact, namely, that good man, the team must be his wife."

5) "All happy families are happy and unhappy family is unhappy here."

6) "If you really want to know, the first thing you want to know where he was born and spent his strange little, my parents when I was very busy, and me and David Copperfield crap..."

7) "Today you are you! It's so nice! There is no surviving that."

8) "This is a real love story, smoothly."

9) "In the beginning the universe was stvoren., like many people, it is very difficult, and in any place, stuck in traffic. "

10) "Once the name of midnight, sorry, at this time, when I feel weak and tired. Many strange and curious forgot ear, nose and throat Even though I fell asleep, almost suddenly, unexpectedly touching. As someone knocked on the door of my room."

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