Saturday we went to the Mythbusters exhibit at the local science & history museum. It was kinda pricey ($19/adult!), but you did get to play with a lot of stuff--they had set up a number of experiments that you can do. Including a big rain tunnel so you can see if you get more wet when running or walking. Given that the day was cold and rainy already, I didn't see anyone giving it a try. :) The exhibit also had a demonstration of reaction times in which the presenters shot paintballs at a volunteer (attired in a padded coat and helmet and holding a blast shield) to see if he could move out of the way in time. And I sat on a swing that was held up by phonebooks interleaved with each other. (I note there was a failsafe cable around each of the phonebook sets, but as they've proved on the show and in the stage show multiple times, it takes way more force than you're going to get from even a pile of people sitting on the swing to break the friction you get when interleaving phonebooks.)

They also had props and detritus from experiments, including the bike Tory wiped out on and a post-explosion water tank.

Over the weekend, I continued forcing Toby to watch the Death Note anime. (I'd never seen it either, but I've read the manga AS ALL YOU OLD HANDS HERE WELL KNOW.) He is fully appreciating the hilarity of the cat-and-mouse game with L and Light continually doing the "I know that you know that I know that you know that I know that you know so I can clearly not choose the wine in front of me!" schtick. (If you're going to comment about DN here, no spoilers past the appearance of the mysterious new Kira, as Toby's only watched up to that episode.)

Sunday dawned cold and grey and rainy. CLEARLY perfect zoo weather, so we went to the zoo. (It meant that we got front-row parking and saw more damp, disgruntled zoo employees than other visitors, even though a good portion of animals are off exhibit due to the cold. It's a tradeoff.) You've seen two of the photos posted here during my experiments with the Wordpress crossposting, and I've got a few more good ones that I will post at some point in the near future.

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