Zoo photos!

The good photos I took from this weekend's zoo trip. You've seen a couple posted earlier as I was experimenting with automagic crossposting stuff, but there are also new ones. Unless you're on Facebook and have friended me there, in which case you've seen them already.

Bushmaster, getting ready to shed, I think, if that cloudy eye is any indication.

I think of this as the Caravaggio lizard, because of the sharp demarcations of light and dark in the picture. :)

A croc enjoying its steam bath.

A grumpy flamingo. Well, I would be too: it was cold, gray, and rainy that day.

I think this is a pit viper of some ilk, but I didn't do anything useful like photograph the exhibit text, so I really have no idea.

A molting roadrunner sporting a dorsal Mohawk 'do.

And another lizard from one of the tropical river exhibits, resting on an underwater rock.

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Tags: fort worth zoo, photos
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