I'm making a cheapass Advent calendar for Toby...

I had no ideas for Christmas presents, and then realized I could just buy a bunch of tiny crap and make an Advent calendar. I was originally going to make a sort of nice one, but decided it was too much work, so an almost-dry Marksalot on brown paper bags dumped onto the coffee table it is!

Toby told me he feels guilty now, because he has no ideas for a Christmas present for me and I'm giving him all this, and I was all YOU WON'T FEEL THAT WAY AFTER YOU SEE WHAT'S IN THE BAGS! :)

Anyway, only 17 bags out so far because the next Amazon shipment arrives today, with which I will finish the calendar. Well, up to #23. I did order one item from Amazon Japan, and it's due to show up next Wednesday.

I'm actually vaguely excited now for him to open them. :)

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