Toby and I spent the weekend playing Dragon Age: The Loadening. Yes, its real subtitle is Inquisition, but the load screens are diabolically long.

And when I mean that we played it, is that he handled the controls while I watched. When the character got to a decision point that affected plot, I made the choice, and Toby took care of combat. It makes for a nice together thing, especially because I can sit back reading a book or browsing Reddit while he plays, and we both get the experience of amusing glitches, like remarkably porous stairs into which the characters sink ankle-deep, or the horse that climbed up onto a stone fence. Or the amazing sliding horse that skidded sideways through the stables instead of walking.

I attempted to make the main character look like Toby, and failed completely, ending up with a Roman centurion who just can't even. Toby named him "SerTired," short for "SerTiredOfThisShit," and I've been having him make decisions that fit with that persona.

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