This year's secret santa

As usual, for this year's gift-giving charity the library is going with a local organization for children's advocacy. The Christmas program provides the names and wishlists of kids in the system, and we buy presents for them which the organization delivers to the parents(s)/guardians so that they can wrap the gifts and give them to their kids. The same names are given to multiple offices/workplaces, so I don't need to worry that these are the only presents the kids are getting.

I usually try to grab the names of girls with geeky interests, but there were none in this year's selection. So who did I pick this year? Two brothers, Jesus (11) and Angel (8)*. Their wishlists are:

Jesus: "Drawing, colored pencils. Cars, balls. Favorite color: blue."

Angel: "All superheroes, transformers. Dinosaurs, basketball. Drawing."

I GUESS I'M GIVING THEM ART SUPPLIES, HUH? :D Suggestions welcome! I'm going to take a look at how-to-draw superhero and car books, but don't want to limit myself to that as it's obvious enough they may get multiples. I usually buy local and always include the receipt anyway, so that the parents can exchange the gift if there are duplicates or the kid already has it.

(BTW, Monster High is apparently the in thing-there were multiple kids asking for it!)

* Not their real names, from what I understand. The center preserves their anonymity.

edit: Ooh, this car-design kit looks pretty spiffy!

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