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I signed up for [community profile] fandom_stocking this year, and my stocking is here.

I meant to say The Haunting of Hill House rather than The House on Haunted Hill, but it gets across the idea of horror and ghost stories that aren't terribly DEMON POSSESSED SPLATTERPORN, so I'll let it stand.

Now to try to get enough motivation to do something in return for someone! I had a migraine threaten yesterday morning and for ONCE managed to take meds in time to catch it, but that means I spent the rest of yesterday and last night rather sleepy, and I'm still kinda sleepy this morning. At least in the afternoon I didn't have to do anything more taxing than sit in a chair at the salon and let my stylist color my hair. As is my tradition, I took a selfie from the car and sent it to Toby, and as usual it looks nothing like the actual color.

This pic turned out a LOT lighter than it looks in real life. I just now tried to take some photos, and didn't like any of them enough to post, but rest assured it's closer to a magenta than the lighter red you see. It's also got strands of brighter and darker woven in, and even some purples.

It's currently straight since my stylist did it that way to show off the color. :) I'll probably do my usual half-ass wavy for the trip.

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