What is it about this cardigan?

No, really: what is it about this sweater? Coworkers tell me all the time that they love it, and I've had total strangers stop me to tell me how much they like it. I mean, I think it's nice, otherwise I wouldn't have bought it, but I'm not quite seeing why so many people are that enamored of it.

Perhaps it exudes pheromones? It can't hurt that it's purple and the school I work at has purple as one of its colors, but overall I think I'm going with the pheromones hypothesis until something better pops up.

ETA: In case anyone wants to know, it's a Joe Brown cardigan that I bought from Simply Be in 2013. I don't see that particular one on sale anymore, but there's others there, and Googling for "Joe Brown's clothing" will get you places that sell non-plus-size versions of the brand, although mostly in the UK. There's some on Amazon too. I'd describe the brand overall as sort of boho/funky.

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