A Spinster’s Holiday Gift Guide: What To Buy For The Woman Who Loves Solitude. I should just save up all my Toast links and post them at once.

At any rate, thanks to the commenters my Amazon recommendations are going to be even more full of books about living alone, because they are throwing their weight behind the awesomeness of the book recommended first in the post, a reprinted gem from 1936 titled Live Alone and Like It: The Classic Guide for the Single Woman. The comment that sold me on it:
Inarguable fact: Live Alone And Like It is the greatest book ever written. "Do not think that four bed jackets are too many for the woman living on her own," she advises. "There is no place more pleasurable than the single bed (we are NOT being vulgar)."

There's also a long section where she gives advice on how to subtly undermine all of the friends you dislike most to make them jealous of you. And on the occasion that you live in an apartment with no kitchen, she gives detailed instruction on how to store your alcohol. But not actual food, that's just pointless.
I'm going to have to figure out again where I can go in Amazon to tell it not to use a particular book when making recs.

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