Dragon Age and Manic House is Manic

Two photos before I finish lunch and get back to work, one of a neighboring house and one of a glitch in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Toby steered SerTired out to the garden in Skyhold, and on the stone porch leading out to the garden, we found that someone had left their book behind where they'd been reading it. Exactly where they'd been reading it, about 3 feet off the ground. SerTired is standing in the book to show how how it's floating. :)

This is a neighbor who tends to win a lot of the yard-decorating prizes. He and about four other houses in the subdivision this year are going for gold in the Christmas Decorating Contest, and every time we go outside, I swear there's more added.

Thanks to those wreaths that look like eyes, Manic Garage is Manic. A couple of years ago he had candy canes there instead of wreaths, and they were tilted at an angle so that the garage looked very, very angry.

Not very visible in this picture: the lighted "OU" (University of Oklahoma) on the front of the house hidden behind a tree, and the FIVE FOOT TALL BLAZING WHITE CROSS that makes part of that big blotch of white on the left.

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