Tokyo Photo Tour: Toby’s Take

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Despite not being much of a photographer, I accompanied Stephanie on the tour a few days back. It was still pretty fun, even if occasionally our guide tried to direct my photo taking attention in some direction, only for me to find little inspiration that way.

We started out in Hamarikyu park, which was pretty damn picturesque. Here I’m trying to keep the tour guide’s advice in mind. He’d mentioned that the Japanese sense of composition often focused on negative space. To that end, we have:


Later on I managed to snap this rock, nicely highlighted. Stephanie says it’s more of a Western way of composing a photo, but we like it:


This one’s rather random, but seems to work nonetheless.


Later, we ended up near some office buildings. At this particular spot, my crappy point-and-shoot’s lens had a wide enough angle to get all five nearby buildings into frame:


After that, it was on to a “shova” style alley under train tracks. Sadly, nothing I took there came out just fine on its own. With some tweaking, they’ll be interesting. Perhaps once we’re back.

Then it was on to the Tokyo International Forum, which has some pretty badass architecture. For reference, I gave this one a bit of a Dutch angle, to get the symmetry you see. The column in the center is actually perfectly vertical.


Finally, we ended up on the observation deck of the new Tokyo Post building – Kitte. I took the following looking up the side of the skyscraper. A bit of background – I like perspective in photos. A lot. I think it’s because it gives a bit of sense of depth that I don’t normally get. Anyway, the pic:


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