Crossword help?

Not in filling one out. In making one. :) A couple of years ago I bought a copy of the Crossword Compiler software, for whatever reason, and remembered it recently. So I created a science fiction word list, and finally managed to coax a completed word grid out of the software, albeit without too many SF-like keywords,* that I can make available at ConDFW o announce the 2016 guests of honor (along with an ad in the program book and announcing it publicly at the con, of course!),

Anyway, so I need to put as much of a SF/F/H/genre spin on the clues as I can. So is there anyone out there willing to attempt to contribute a clue or two if I supply the word list? I'd like to do it by email--I'm not sharing the solution publicly at the moment because the GoH names need to remain under wraps until we announce it at the con.

Alas, I have already written the BEST clue of the lot, which is "My hovercraft is full of them." So sorry, you can't write it. I did. :P (All right, if I decide it's too easy I'll change it to "Hovercraft inhabitants," but that depends on how easy or hard the rest of the puzzle seems to turn out.)

*For best results you need word lists that are thousands of words long, not hundreds, like I bodged together from various sources...I need to start compiling lists of authors, titles, and characters in my spare time if I'm going to continue this.

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