This morning


Enough snow that when I started out for work at 8:45 or so this morning, the accumulation started playing havoc with my brakes, and was causing me to swerve on the road and, more importantly, was causing other people to swerve on the road, so I said the hell with it, turned around, and slowly drove home. Almost didn't make it up the driveway--we have the steepest drive on the block. I emailed work and said I was working from home, as that drive was Just Not Happening.

An hour later, I got a phone call from the alert line, and they're closing campus at 11. Yay. Near 11, I got another--they're closing down tomorrow as well, until 5PM or so.

So now I'm just hanging on electronically, waiting to shut down until I hear back from the administration as to what we're going to do with the library tomorrow, as we normally close at 8PM--are we going to be open for 3 hours or not?--because I need to update the website.

(the time I spend sitting here is so going on the timesheet.)

I also have to decide how I'm going to mock Toby, who telecommutes to his job in Houston, and who, therefore, never gets a snow day because Houston just about never shuts down (except for the very occasional flood or ice storm).

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