Hey guys--can you take this survey for me about icon choices on our website? (Note: this isn't the official survey I sent out to the library staff and which will probably go out later in the year to the university's community and whose answers will take priority over anything I learn here; I just got curious as to whether the results would be different for a different population, so made a duplicate of the survey to see.)

The only things you'll need to know if you're not familiar with our library are (1) "FrogScholar" is basically a search engine that searches a group of the library databases, plus the catalog, plus a few other things. (2) "Database" is a broad term for libraries that basically means "online reference works": they could contain journal articles, abstracts, company information, encyclopedias, directories, ebooks, chemical information, and all sorts of other stuff. And, yes, data sets. smile emoticon*

* I copied this text from my Facebook post and the smiley transferred as that. I found it amusing.

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