Time to make the leap

Every year or so Toby and I run the numbers to compare the costs of legitimately obtaining the TV shows we're watching to cable. So far, it's come up just about the same, until this year, which had some sort of tipping point with enough shows being available via various streaming methods. We ran the numbers at the end of last week, and realized that while we were paying right about $100/month for 200 channels of cable (and two boxes, and HD upcharge and whatnot], we could replace everything* except Game of Thrones on air dates with our $8/month Netflix by adding an $8/month Hulu subscription.

And, as Toby had expected since he keeps his eye on Apple rumors, HBO and Apple have just announced HBO Now, a standalone service for $15/month, starting in April which just so happens to be when Game of Thrones starts airing entirely coincidentally I am sure.

Even if we have to commit to a year, instead of being able to get it for the three months of GoT, about $30/month for TV down from about $100, with the occasional TV series like Star Wars: Rebels that we'll have to buy via iTunes.

I can deal.

ETA: I think the real tipping point was discovering that QI, which had FINALLY started on BBC America, was also available on Hulu. :)

*That we cared about. I watch some HGTV shows that I can easily give up. Netflix also just started adding some DIY and HGTV shows, so I can get my fix there.

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