Spycam again

We've set up the kitty spycam in the laundry room again, this time pointing directly at the litterboxes. It's not because of the Poop Bandit, who we've IDed as Sora, and who seems to be getting more and more finicky about the state of the litterboxes. It's because someone has managed to pee over the barrier at the back of the box and get it all over the floor and wall there! This is the point where we're almost saying "I'm not even mad. I'm just impressed." I mean... look at the boxes. Someone, by whom I mean "probably Sora,"* is somehow hitching themselves up high enough to pee over that barrier in the back.

So the camera is in place, and we shall see.

* Probably Sora, because while Nefer likes to perch on the front edge of the box and her aim isn't that good (hence the puppy pads on the floor in front of the boxes), lately she's been showing signs of arthritis or something** that leads her to use her claws to pull herself up on objects instead of jumping, so I don't see how she has the dexterity to make it over the edge of the box.

** Vet appointment in the works--I'm waiting on them to get back to me after requesting one. She's not limping and is behaving perfectly normally otherwise.

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