Toby has informed me...

...that we are now ADA compliant.

We've noticed over the past few months that Nefer is no longer jumping onto most surfaces, instead preferring to reach up, dig her claws in, and pull herself up. No acute injury seemed to be evident--no limping, no complaints when I poked her about the hindquarters, as she would if I hit a sore spot. We mentioned this to the vet when we brought them in a couple of weeks ago, and she confirmed our thoughts: that Nefer most likely has arthritis. So, partly in order to save the furniture, we indulged in a couple of narrow carpet-covered sets of stairs for her to go up to two of her favorite places. They arrived today, and Toby sent me photos;

Yes she sleeps by my head at night. It's a king-sized bed*, and if her bed (and associated heating pad) is at the foot of the bed, she and Sora get into fights in the middle of the night and wake us up.

Anyway, Toby reports that Nefer has not yet discovered them, and is sacked out on the chair in my office.

* Toby and I now, after visiting family or staying in hotels when we have to sleep on a queen-size or full-size bed, love coming home and saying "I don't have to touch you! Yaaaay!"

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