Got a text from the bank--someone just charged $4700 at Best Buy, and they were asking me if it was an authorized charge. NOPE. So I called them, and yeah, now we've got that account shut down and are waiting on replacement cards.

Man, I had that card for YEARS. I had the number memorized! Phooey.

There had been a weird little charge on March 29th for $9.19 that neither of us could recall, and when I was on hold while the guy at the bank was restarting his system (it was running slow), I Googled the merchant phone number associated with the charge, which hadn't shown up before today, and found out that a lot of people were getting scam charges from a merchant associated with it, sometimes listed as Amazon services. I suspect it was a test charge to see if the card was viable.

Anyway, we're not responsible for it, not even the $50 that the law says we are, which is another reason why we bank with USAA. But it's still a hassle, because that's the card associated with a lot of our online accounts, and lord knows what's going to be bounced in the next few months. Bah, I say. Bah!

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