We have a very organized cat

I woke up with a migraine this morning (had a rainstorm overnight--not surprised), so I stayed home and took my new meds, which meant I slept the morning away and stumbled blearily around in the afternoon, waking up in time for dinner. We went out to the Container Store, because as part of me several-weeks-long odyssey to declutter the house, I'd decided I needed more stuff for my office to contain all the crap that hadn't been shredded, thrown away, or taken to the Swap Shop at the dump.*

Among the stuff we got were four baskety things for the cubbies in my Expedit bookshelf from IKEA. We got home, I put the baskets into the cubbies, and then we went to watch QI while using the stationary bikes.**

After we finished, I came back into my office and...

...at first, everything seemed normal. Well, it seemed neat, which is not normal, but it seemed what I expected.

And then I looked a bit closer at the basket on the bottom left...

I asked Toby if he'd put the quail in the basket, and his response was "What basket?" So, yeah. Nefer's doing. She tidied away her quail. :)

And in case any of you are going "Man, [personal profile] telophase is neat and organized!" I shall show you this picture:

All that stuff came off my desk and the cubbies that now hold baskets and other stuff. I have to go through it and figure out what I want to toss and what I want to keep, and where I'm going to keep it. Until this weekend, the space under the desk was full of cardboard boxes and two plastic drawer sets with junk in them. And the closet looks much nicer now that it was before--it basically looked like the top of that table before. I went through it and tossed a bunch of stuff, then went through an armoire in the spare bedroom and tossed a bunch of stuff then put what was left into boxes that went into this closet (there's a big dresser you can't see in the closet facing the shelves, and it's full of stuff). So 2 closets into 1, not bad. Still need to go through what's there and organize it because it's heaped up every which way, but it's better than it used to be. (The rack on the closet door is destined to hold sewing supplies, so I can get at them without digging through the dresser drawer they're currently in.)

* We discovered that the local dump has a Swap Shop--a roofed area where you dump household stuff that's not broken for others to take. If you take something, you're pretty much on the honor system to record your name and what you took in a notebook they have out there. At any rate, we made two trips there on Friday, and on our second trip we noticed that most of the stuff we'd dumped there the first trip had been taken. So yay! Either someone's selling it or they're using it--either way, we don't have to feel guilty for throwing away perfectly useful stuff.

** It's called temptation bundling--you bundle something you really want to do with something you know you need to do. So we can't watch QI unless we're on the bikes. It's mostly led to reduction in QI-watching rather than an increase in biking, but hope springs eternal.

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