ETA: The winner is [personal profile] settiai!

Arg I totally meant to post this morning as a reminder that I am giving away a box of BPAL bottles and imps from 2010-2013ish

It's going to be a MYSTERY BOX as I don't want to catalog everything in it. I can't give you a count of the bottles and imps because I helpfully packed them all away before posting, but there are 13 or 14 bottles and way more imps. (I know the bottle count because I remember making 3 columns of 4 bottles when I was wrapping them up in bubble wrap, and there's at least 1 other bottle. Do not remember if it's 2 extra. At any rate, I kept 14 for myself so don't think I'm going to be at a loss for perfume!)

Most of the imps are general catalog, as they were freebies with various Lab and decant circle orders, but there's at least a large, if not full, collection of butterfly-themed decants I got from a circle during one of the butterfly-themed releases. (And turned out not to like any of them! Woe is me!)

So here's your reminder. I'm planning to do the random pick later tonight, but as I went home with a migraine, I am currently stoned on hydrocodone* and may fall asleep before too long, so will do the pick when I wake up, which might be tomorrow.

So if you missed the first announcement, you have a few more hours to get it in! I'll say...by 8PM Central time? Three hours from now.

* I've now got Imitrex for migraines, but alas it says not to use it for tension-related ones, and while the thunderstorms today are partly to blame, I believe the actual trigger was frustration at jQuery and Javascript at work today, so I decided to be cautious and not use the Imitrex, given its scary side effects of heaviness in my chest and such.**

** Amusingly enough, the last time I took it, I was being my usual paranoid about the heaviness and trying to figure out if it was enough to be worth calling the doc over, but at the same time was reading a memoir by a porn star*** who cataloged the vast amount of drugs she consumed, often all at once, and survived perfectly fine. I feel like such a lightweight in comparison!

*** I have discovered that tell-alls by people in various sordid pursuits like porn, or being groupies, etc. seem to be a genre I like to read, although I tend to feel sordid myself afterwards. I think it's basically trying to figure out what makes people choose these pursuits, as doing that sort of thing is basically 100% opposite of what I find appealing to do. (Among many other things, part of it seems to be that you have a love of being the center of attention. I...don't.)

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