This weekend...

Went shopping for housewares on Friday night and started to buy all the things but a storm broke so we went home after only purchasing some of the things. Saturday morning we went out shopping for all the things and after buying all the things went to buy all the groceries but had to go to THREE DIFFERENT GROCERY STORES because the first two did not have dulce de leche. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE and they shall not be hearing of it because I can't be bothered to complain.

And then we went home and Toby set to hanging, installing, cleaning and otherwise taking care of all the things while I made a cake inspired by Girl Scout cookies (the ones known as Caramel De-Lites in this area of the country and still known as Samoas in other areas...it depends on the bakery that makes them, it seems).

Our vet had suggested that to calm Sora's anxiety we could try something like a Thundershirt--a garment that fits closely around an animal, which often seems to calm them down. She said just use a baby T-shirt. So one of All The Things we purchase as a tiny striped T-shirt at Target.

We got home, and Sora was sitting on the bed, unsuspecting. I went over there, sat down next to him and petted him, and let him smell the shirt. And then I carefully worked it on over his head and got his paws into it. He struggled a little, but not a great deal.

Once the shirt was on, he scurried off the bed and slunk at a quick pace into the spare bedroom, and from there into the hall bathroom, where he ended up crouching, moaning and crying in a low, pitiful voice until we took the shirt off of him.

Total time in T-shirt: about 2 minutes. Obviously that is not going to be a solution for his anxiety!

Later on that afternoon, Toby's gaming group came over and ran through this session of their RPG (tabletop, that is, for you guys mostly familiar with online RPGs), and I served the cake mentioned above, about which they were quite appreciative, so I shall take all the credit for it instead of the woman who actually created the recipe. (Photo of cake on one of the players' Facebook here).

The big storm came through during the game. Lots of scary-sounding wind, but no damage other than a bunch of dead twigs being blown down.

Sunday, Toby and I first went shopping at Lowe's to buy All The Things, garage and outside edition, and then ended up doing a bunch of outside work. We had a rosebush we'd ordered from the Antique Rose Emporium (this rose, specifically) to replace a bush we'd lost two years ago, and planted it.

Then we set to cleaning up all the dead twigs and branches that had fallen (and, I must say, that had fallen over the past year that we hadn't bothered to clean up), and trimmed two big branches off of a tree--one that was too low over the only area we can put the grill, and one that was too low over the roof of the house.

And then Toby made dinner, and we watched Game of Thrones.

I am now exhausted from our weekend.

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