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I ended up working from home today because my low tire pressure light came on as I was driving away from the house this morning. I turned around and went back home to check on it and...there's a screw in one of the tires and it's really low. My car is one of those newfangled ones where they don't give you a spare or a donut, but instead a fix-a-flat type tire kit (bah!), so we get to utilize that tonight then drive somewhere to get the tire fixed. (THEORETICALLY they can pump that stuff out of the inner tube, sez the internet, but I'm suspecting a new inner tube may be in our future.)

In other news, for some reason we haven't seen any sparrows, finches, or juncoes at the bird feeders for a couple of weeks now. The cardinals come through, an occasional pigeon does, and of course he squirrels show up, but none of the smaller birds. I'm wondering if we've got a hawk camping out nearby.

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