In the recent past, this has happened:

--hard drive at work dies, necessitating a day of attempting to resurrect it long enough to get my files from it* and, when that was successful (all hail my coworker who did it!), spending the next two days backing everything up, then replacing the drive, then rebuilding my dev environment.

--flat tire, ending up necessitating replacing the tire

--asking the mechanics to balance the tires while it was there, and discovering after the place closed that they screwed it up so we get to go back tonight and yell at them

--experienced a herd of rats (4 visible, more rustling in the bushes) in the parking lot when standing there deciding where to walk for dinner after leaving the car at the mechanics' shop (they were 30-40 feet away from us and not interested in going anywhere near us but STILL. Pet rats=cute. Wild rats=not.)

--storms and fronts coming through, which means I've lost four days of work due to migraine in the past three weeks

--and the kitchen sink, which you may recall was falling off its under-counter mount until we got it fixed a few months back, is separating AGAIN in the middle (we think it's probably bent, and that bend is testing the limits of the glue)so we've decided to replace the damn thing with one that does NOT depend on glue to hold it onto a counter

--and last night after all the hassle with the car and getting back and deciding about the sink and such, we realized that the cleaners are coming today so we have to run around the house and declutter. #firstworldproblems

--and various deadlines and meetings at work such that I just called my stylist and asked to reschedule a haircut because I just cannot handle one. more. thing.

--On the bright side, on Thursday we're driving to Dallas after work to see Grant and Martha from the podcast/NPR show A Way With Words live in support of a literacy organization. So there's that, at least.

* This is literally the first time I've had a hard drive die at a time which was *not* right after I'd backed it up--apparently I have a sixth sense for this sort of thing, most of the time. I didn't have anything on it that was absolutely critical, but I did have a few documents that would have ended up wasting a few days while I reconstructed them, mainly notes to myself about what I've done and what I need to do on the website at work. Those documents now permanently reside on my shared drive, which is backed up every night.

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