1. Toby woke up with my cold. Poor Toby! :)

2. My mother emailed me and ordered me to buy tickets for Matilda: The Musical, which is coming into Dallas at the end of September. I don't know if Toby wants to come as he is allergic to musicals, but I have tempted him with the news that the music and lyrics are by Tim Minchin.

3. Nefer has complicated emotions right now. She's got a spray of what look like bug bites scabbed over on her belly and has overgroomed the area in response. Toby took her to the vet, who thinks she's got bitten by something on her last trip outside and is having an allergic reaction to it. So we have to pill her with prednisone each morning, a traumatic experience that culminated this morning in Toby having to sweep her out from under the bed with a broom while I waited to catch her. She yowls and complains and fights us, then runs away after the experience. And then, about ten minutes later, she realizes she's unhappy and wants comfort so gets one of her toys and wanders around yowling for us to comfort her.

4. Since we no longer need to spy on the cat at their litterboxes, we've moved the spycam to the window overlooking the bird feeder. The other day I piled some birdseed on the windowsill, so now we've got a lot of photos that look like this:

Haven't seen any tiny birds on the windowsill, so either they're too short for the camera to see or they haven't found it yet. (The smaller birds were gone from the feeder for about two weeks, but are back now...I suppose a hawk was lurking nearby and is now gone?)

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